Industrial Hose

Munro Supply has a huge inventory, with many different types and sizes of industrial hose. Whether you need to move water, air, slurry, or other material, we have the hose you need!

We adhere to NAHAD standards and require NAHAD certification for our hose assembly team. We also offer routine maintenance testing services for hose up to 21,500 psi.

  • Crimp up to 10"
  • Stock up to 14"
  • Wide variety of fittings, including bauer, cam and groove, flanges and many specialty fittings

What is the best type of hose for my application?

Choosing the best hose for your application is important for both performance and safety. Important aspects of choosing the right hose can be summed up in a simple acronym: STAMPED

Size - What is the required inner diameter and length?

Temperature - What are the expected minimum and maximum temperatures of the material conveyed? What are the environmental temperature expectations?

Application - How will the hose be used? Suction or discharge? Will it be drug? What is the environment the hose will be in?

Media - What will be going through the hose? Is it water, chemicals, fuels or something else? Dirty water or clean water?

Pressure - To how much pressure will the assembly be exposed?

Ends - What type, orientation and attachment methods are needed?

Delivery - What are the testing, quality, packaging, and delivery requirements?