KIIS (Keep It In Stock by Munro Supply) Program


Make your life easier. Take advantage of our Vendor Managed Inventory program.

Let’s create a customized plan - we’ll work with your team to determine the right inventory, delivery, and even the configuration and placement of bins or shelving in your facility
    • Inventory tracking and stocking
    • Bin setups
    • Bin labeling
    • Free delivery

You’re in control every step of the way
    • Modify product set anytime
    • Modify inventory levels anytime
    • Approve all recommended restocking orders before delivery


Deana H., H&K Trucking

Munro Supply keeps everything in stock so that I can think about more important things. Our KIIS saves us thousands each month in preventing lost down time alone! But it’s the peace of mind of knowing that I have what I need when I need it that make this relationship so valuable!


Garret M.., Haliburton

Partnering with Munro Supply on a KIIS program means that I don’t have to set a project aside to order parts - I have what I need, when I need it, and Munro Supply restocks to the levels I set, every week!


Joe S., United Companies

I was sending a guy across town for parts a couple of times a day. I’d estimate that our Munro Supply KIIS program saves us over $200/wk, just in wages - that doesn’t even take into consideration equipment downtime when we would be waiting for the parts that Munro Supply keeps in stock in my bins. Having stock on hand means that I can keep my crew running in the evening, on the weekend, whenever we need a part. I can’t put a value on this service - the Munro Supply team has become an invaluable extension of our team.